Consultants to the Motor Industry

Realising the potential in people

A.I.T. Training Developments Limited deliver the routes to business development, motivation and profit.

Our services offer skills, knowledge, experience and accreditation in almost every aspect of motor industry business development and training.

Our field of expertise is extensive and includes:

  • Retail car sales and after sales
  • Corporate and public sector sales services and support
  • Light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle sales and after sales
  • Related services and profit centres

Training, Personal Development, Coaching and Business Consultancy addresses all levels and aspects of the industry including:

  • Assessing personal potential and development planning
  • Management and local marketing
  • Inter-personal and customer facing skills
  • Workshop technical, product and market knowledge
  • Business management and improvement
  • Database management, systems and controls

The people, procedures systems and controls in your business are our focus. Our success is in the results your people give you from the personal development, training and coaching we deliver.

  • Our diagnostic approach to training identifies personal strengths and potential. It balances these with the needs of your business in order to achieve the best results.
  • A.I.T. training is based on core structures that are prepared to uniquely meet the needs, processes, culture and ethos of your business.
  • Modules of development are flexible enabling you to control the pace of the training your people receive and the transfer of training into the workplace.
  • Our structures meet core standards for formal qualifications such as NVQ, Automotive Skills Limited diploma and Quality Assured Awards.